Dormer Tooling

Originally founded in Sheffield, England, in 1913, Dormer is one of the world’s foremost producers of solid carbide and high speed steel rotary cutting tools, with a long-standing reputation for quality, innovation and brand leadership. They offer a comprehensive range covering:

A diverse range of High Speed Steel (HSS), High Speed Cobalt (M35/M42) and Solid Carbide (HM) drills to meet almost every rotary hole-making requirement, from general purpose hand-held to high performance CNC applications. Available in several different geometries, lengths and styles to account for the cutting behaviour of the workpiece.


Our rotary threading tools cater for a variety of chamfer lengths and thread forms in both hand and machine applications. This includes general purpose taps, multi-material and material-specific taps, fluteless taps and thread milling cutters. The range supports four primary tap geometries and tapping processes: Straight Flute Taps, Spiral Point taps, Spiral Flute Taps and Forming Taps. In addition, Dormer offers a range of dies and dienuts for the production of external screw threads.


A versatile assortment of rotary milling cutters covering a wide range of applications including Slot Drills, Endmills, Ball Nosed Cutters, Dovetail Cutters, Corner Rounding Cutters, carbide Thread Milling Cutters, and Carbide Burrs.


A comprehensive collection of Hand and Machine Reamers to support the production of dimensionally accurate holes up to H7 tolerance. In addition, Dormer manufactures a range of Countersinks for chamfering and countersinking holes.


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