Greenleaf engineers and manufactures carbide and ceramic inserts for virtually any machining application. Greenleaf pioneered the use of CVD-coated carbide inserts in the 1970’s and developed the world’s first, and best performing, WHISKER-REINFORCED ceramic insert, WG 300®.

Whether it is heavy stock removal in forged steel or high-performance profile milling in hardened materials, there is a Greenleaf milling cutter to take your productivity to new levels. For added flexibility, most Greenleaf cutter bodies are designed to accept ceramic OR carbide inserts. From heavy-duty cutting in severe interruptions to high performance milling in hard materials and heat treated super alloys, Greenleaf’s comprehensive line of milling cutters and inserts is designed for outstanding performance and durability in the most demanding applications.


Greenleaf has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of turning and boring systems for a variety of industries worldwide. Available in a wide variety of styles for all common insert geometries, Greenleaf’s industry-standard turning and boring tools are precision machined and qualified to current ANSI/ISO specifications. Greenleaf also offers a selection of standard turning and boring tools that feature tool geometries specially engineered to provide maximum productivity and tool life, when using Greenleaf’s advanced ceramic insert grades.


Greenleaf is an industry leader in the development of ceramic grades for cutting tool & speciality applications, offering the world’s most productive whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts. They are extremely successful at machining hard materials such as hard steels and nickel- & cobalt-based super alloys and offer excellent wear and shock resistance at metal removal rates up to 10 times higher than carbide. WG-300®, developed by Greenleaf corporation, holds the distinction of being the first commercially available ceramic composite using the technology of whisker reinforcement. The basic concept of whisker reinforcement involves strengthening a hard ceramic matrix with exceptionally strong, stiff, silicon-carbide crystals, commonly called whiskers. Nothing cuts high-temperature super alloys and hardened metals faster than WG-300® whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts. Highly recommended for turning and grooving applications.

WG-600®, is a premium coated whisker-reinforced ceramic cutting tool. Greenleaf’s proprietary coating gives WG-600® the advantage of offering 2-3 times longer tool life over uncoated whiskered ceramics.

WG-600® excels at machining high-strength alloy materials, hardened steels and other difficult-to-cut materials, and, it is particularly well suited for demanding applications in which extended tool life is critical. It excels at finishing high-strength alloy materials, hardened steels and select stainless steels. Highly recommended for milling applications.

Greenleaf whiskered ceramics are available in all ANSI/ISO standard insert geometries and styles. Simply put, whether its through dramatic reductions in cycle time or extended tool life – or both – Greenleaf whiskered ceramics will help take your productivity to new levels!


Greenleaf's toolholding system for grooving, profiling and cut-off applications is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Designed to accept Greenleaf's advanced ceramic or high-performance carbide inserts, the system features a field-proven and trusted 'V' bottom pocket design for superior insert stability for precision cutting and unsurpassed support for maximum productivity. An expanded interchangeable support blade system now includes Capto and KM quick-change shank options. All Greenleaf's grooving, profiling and cut-off toolholders are precision-machined from alloy steel and heat-treated for durability and long life.
Each Greenleaf tool has the option to utilise 248 support blade combinations of cut-off, V-bottom round profilers, and grooving inserts to meet application needs. Quick change shanks, straight shank holders and bars, are all part of this tooling system.


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